Human Development

World Day for War Orphans


Why children are made orphans and homeless? War is a cruel phenomenon. It is unleashed by cruel politicians or arrogant nations or provoked by terrorist groups. The result is untold human suffering. When adults are killed, it is mostly children who bear the burden by becoming orphans.


Children do have their human rights for a natural family, home, parents and right to life with all its needed facilities and amenities. But war reduces them to non-entities.


Should we tolerate this cruelty? Nations should say no to war. Terrorists who provoke war should be encountered and brought to book. Let no children suffer because of war or terrorism. Self-styled political despots should be taught a lesson. War loving nations should be shown the door.


It is estimated that in the last decade more than two million children have died due to armed conflicts. More than six million children have been seriously injured or disabled. Between eight to ten thousand children are killed by landmines every year. Over a million children have been orphaned or separated from their natural families. Worldwide about 300,000 children below age 18 are inducted as child soldiers by force in about 30 conflicts. In some countries beggars steal children from families or kidnap them, maim them, and use them for begging.


Any cruelly done to children is a serious crime against humanity. Making them orphans by taking advantage of their age should be condemned. People in authority or power should make stringent laws to tackle this phenomenon and implement them for the larger interest of humanity. It is not enough to organise orphanages for war victims. A step further, all sensible people should denounce war and help to create peaceful atmosphere of co-existence among all people.