International Women’s Day – March 8

Women are co-partners with men as architects of human progress and destiny. They cannot be written off as second class citizens. Their role cannot be just confined to the kitchen floor or to the bedroom role.

In a country like India where outmoded customs and superstitious practices exist alongside rational and scientific thinking, question needs be asked why men cannot step in to the kitchen to cook food or sing lullaby to kids, to help babies bathe etc.

Married women are considered housemaids. Unmarried girls are considered ‘property of someone else on marriage’; hence they enjoy a second rate role in families. Boys are preferred as inheritors of property. Hence, they enjoy privileged favour from parents.

In some tribal societies women are declared witches and burnt or killed. Very often the motive behind such heinous act is for grabbing property.

The world of women stands in need of liberation from many queer rules, customs, religious practices which the mail dominated society has created for its own advantage. Such a system needs to be questioned. Women need to be liberated from it. Women should take the lead role. Men cannot and will not liberate women. Women will need to stand up, speak up and call for system change.



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